Far from being a simple search engine any more, Google has tried everything these days; from social media (moderately successful) to smart glasses (somewhat unsuccessful) to self-driving cars (slow, but becoming very successful), and with Google Voice and Google Hangouts, 他们已经涉足人际交流领域. Google Voice & Hangouts… read more »

Telecom Infrastructure upgrades the New York Palace Hotel

大多数历史建筑都是在琥珀中保存下来的, 通过精心策划的展览,将客人带回一个不同的时代. But what happens when a historic building is also a living, breathing business that caters to hundreds of people every day? That was the situation faced by New York’s Palace Hotel,… read more »

Internet In Space – The WiFi Revolution

如果埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)这个名字现在听起来还不熟悉,那么很快就会熟悉了. As the founder of many companies, including Tesla Motors, Solar City, SpaceX and even PayPal, Musk is constantly innovating. Now, Musk has positioned himself at the vanguard of a technological revolution that aims to fundamentally alter the way we connect; internet… read more »

A Guide to Cable Types and their Identification

In this article we are going to take a brief look at the three main types of cable; fiber optic, coaxial and twisted pair. 此外,每一种类型的电缆的等级和等级的信息将被涵盖. 在适当的情况下,我们还将讨论可以在……上找到的各种标记。 read more »


即使是最精通电脑的人也常常把电缆视为同质化的配件,因为它们被用来驱动更复杂、更吸引人的澳门星际电玩下载所掩盖. 看一看桌子下面散乱但又必要的一团电面条,肯定会觉得没有它们用来供电的设备有趣. But just like any… read more »

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我认识爱德和他的公司已经将近20年了,在这期间,他们的业绩从未超出我的预期. Ed和他的团队显然对能够以低成本的价格提供优质的解决方案感到非常自豪,我已经向几个联系人推荐了Ed,因为我知道他们会得到很好的服务. 我总是能从埃德那里得到很好的建议,他有很多令人尴尬的联系人,他总是乐于分享,你总是知道埃德推荐的人都是很好的推荐人. It’s not often that you are treated so well for so long, 我会推荐Ed作为任何基础设施需求的合作伙伴.
Telecom’s technicians continue to go above and beyond. HSBC feels very comfortable knowing Telecom is on the job.
In today’s demanding world, 电信公司提供了客户所需要的最好的服务和关注. We look forward to future projects with Telecom.
我已经在电信行业工作了20多年,没有人比电信公司对客户表现出更专业的礼貌和理解. 电信是真正的领导者在设计-建设电信领域.
电信的能力和交付意愿让我可以放心地专注于项目的其他方面. Telecom has been an invaluable asset to me.