Architects + Telecom = Adding Value Through Collaboration

Telecom works with Architects daily to provide valuable insights into the ever changing commercial technology environment. The emergence of cutting edge workplace technologies such as PoE Lighting has caused our relationship with Architects to become more crucial than ever. Our passion is to help our clients by providing excellent recommendations, advice and project management. Collaboration and coordination are key to make sure that end users are taken care of and their expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Our long term relationships with the Architectural and Engineering communities has helped and will continue to help us bring value to our clients. There are 5 key ways that we work in conjunction with architects and engineers:

  1. Design Advice
  2. Referrals
  3. Budgeting
  4. Lunch & Learns for AIA credits
  5. Design & Build Services


Technology and information are the bloodlines for business and the fuel that drives revenue.  Unfortunately, technology is often an afterthought in the design process. With the cost of real estate rising we find ourselves trying to cram more technology into less space. We assist architects in this process by ensuring that adequate space, pathways, and provisions are accounted for early in the design phase. This helps avoid costly change orders and helps Architects set the expectations with the end users with a focus on intent early in the project. View our Sample Design Document


With over 30 years in business serving clients directly Telecom has established itself as a trusted communications partner, and as a result of that trust we have curated an ever increasing portfolio of reputable clients. It is our primary goal to help our clients navigate the entire construction process, which will always involve other disciplines and trades. Therefore, our clients often rely on our network of partners for referrals, including Architecture and Engineering firms, as well as Real Estate and Technology professionals. A project is only as successful as it’s team, and by referring in our team we look to ensure a smooth process from design through construction, all the way to commissioning.


Architects are an incredibly important resource for clients in the planning stage. They are looked at to provide budgeting and insight to ensure that there are no surprises during the move. For walls, ductwork and electrical these costs can be very linear, but technology varies greatly by client requirement. After a 30-60 minute discussion we are able to provide high level budgets so that architects are comfortable providing numbers to clients that they can incorporate into their project forecast. The goal is always to be on time and under budget.

Lunch & Learns for AIA credits

Continuing education is one of our core tenets. We strive to continuously educate our staff, partners and clients on current, new and emerging technologies. We have established a list of AIA accredited technology content for presentation to Architects so that they are abreast of emerging technology. Two of the presentations that are currently very popular are “PoE Lighting & The Digital Ceiling” and “Technology Considerations for Architects When Planning a Project”.

And who doesn’t like a free lunch?!

Our Design Build Connect Process

We’ve revolutionized the technology integration process with a customized design-build-connect solution that values time, maximizes investment, and eliminates stress. This unique approach provides the skills, tools, certifications, and expertise to facilitate massive infrastructure projects from start to finish in turn-key style. We’ll collaborate with your team, establish a cost strategy, and manage results you can trust. View our Sample Craftsmanship Document

In order to allow our Architectural partners to be adaptive and creative we offer a multi-tiered approach to the Design-Build-Connect Process. Our unique multi-tiered approach encompasses three types of projects:

  1. Design Only
  2. Design/Discounted if Awarded Build
  3. Design/Build

For more information about Telecom Infrastructure Corp please visit our website at For more information about PoE Lighting please visit us at To learn more about how Telecom works with Architects or to join the Telecom Partner Network please contact us via our website, email us at or call us anytime at . For more original Telecom content please check out our Blog.

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