Professional 视听 Solutions

设计、集成 & Maintenance of High Quality AV Solutions

We are one of New York’s most trusted commercial integrators of high quality audio visual (AV) solutions. From 视频会议 and 演讲 platforms to sound masking and PA systems, 我们有经验, expertise and relationships to get the job done right.

Our main AV goal is to ensure that the integrated solution meets the needs of the end users. 听起来很简单, most companies do not ask some of the simplest and most important questions about how their clients will use the system. We 总是 问这些问题.

你的 视频会议 solution is one of your most underrated business tools. It’s can also be one of the most frustrating. Hardwired vs wireless 演讲, the number of participants allowed, 屏幕共享, 时间限制, 移动会议, 协作, these are all key elements of any 视频会议 solution. And while each one of these elements has the ability to create an amazing conferencing experience, every single one of them has the power to ruin the experience for everyone. Every 视频会议 solution has pros and cons associated with it and you deserve to know what they are prior to choosing one for your team.

Some of our 视频会议 partners include:

  • 变焦
  • 进行交流
  • Skype为业务
  • 加入.me
  • 牛仔裤的
  • 网讯
  • 宝利通

数字显示 & 演讲 are ubiquitous to almost every modern commercial environment. They’re in the conference rooms, 会议室, 课桌上方, 在桌子上, they’re in the break rooms, 的游说团体, 电梯, we’ve even installed them in bathrooms. While some believe that you can hang a screen on a wall and call it a day, there is actually a scientific method behind choosing displays, integrating them into a space and how it’ll be perceived by end users. From interactive touch displays to digital signage to basic TV 演讲, 我们有经验 and the expertise you need to create the perfect AV environment.

Common uses for digital display solutions include:

  • 公司介绍
  • Weather, news and stock updates
  • Cable TV and streaming video services
  • 视频祝福墙
  • 交互式目录 & 日程安排
  • Social Media and other RSS feeds
  • Alert and emergency notifications

声音掩蔽 & 公共地址 (PA) systems play an integral part in optimizing productivity, enhancing security and ensuring safety in the commercial environment. 声音掩蔽 systems not only protect sensitive auditory information, they also boost productivity by lowering stress and limiting auditory distractions in the workplace. PA systems are essential for mass communication and emergency notification.

Common venues for sound masking & PA的解决方案包括:

  • 金融 & 法律办公室
  • 执法
  • 公司总部 & 会议室
  • 小型商业办公室
  • 热情好客 & 卫生保健设施
  • 高等教育
  • K - 12教育


Our unique Design Build Connect process means we take ownership of the project from conception to connection.
无线 & 细胞
访问控制 & 相机系统
I have known Ed and his company for almost 20 years and in all that time they have never failed to deliver beyond my expectations. Ed and his team clearly take a lot of pride in being able to deliver premium solutions at cost effective price points and I have recommended Ed to several contacts knowing they would be well served. I can 总是 depend on Ed for great advice and he has an embarrassing number of contacts that he is 总是 happy to share and you 总是 know that anyone recommended by Ed is a great reference. It’s not often that you are treated so well for so long, and I would recommend Ed as a partner for any infrastructure requirement.
Telecom’s technicians continue to go above and beyond. 汇丰银行 feels very comfortable knowing Telecom is on the job.
In today’s demanding world, Telecom has produced the best service and attention that a client could ask for. We look forward to future projects with Telecom.
I have been in telecommunications for over twenty years and no one has shown more professional courtesy and understanding to a customer than Telecom has. Telecom is truly a leader in the field of design-build telecommunications.
Being secure in Telecom’s capability and willingness to deliver allows me to concentrate on the other aspects of projects without worry. Telecom has been an invaluable asset to me.