在2017年,我们写了一个 article 关于传统办公室向开放协作工作空间的转变. Some things have changed since then so we thought it would be helpful to update our office evolution checklist recommendations. There are three key technology considerations that need to be taken into account in order to evolve your workplace effectively, 高效和安全的进入未来. 

架构师, 空间规划, facilities and real estate professionals are being challenged to create spaces that reflect the social distancing and “no-touch” norms while also promoting collaboration. 用一块空白的画布来画规划中的空间, design professionals are having to be extra creative to ensure that client needs are taken care of. There will soon be new design standards to adhere to along with new furniture systems that cater to this “new normal.“障碍, 更高的分区, closed offices and more square footage are all being considered and implemented across the world.

All of the above will be easily rolled out for new projects but what will this mean for sites that have been recently completed and for companies who are currently occupying their space? 在规划办公室重组时,需要考虑三个关键的澳门星际电玩下载因素, 2020年及以后的升级或重新职业:

1. 家具重新配置需要,  Something seemingly as simple as changing furniture layouts can quickly become a major construction project that can easily snowball out of control. 在几乎所有情况下, 数据和电源馈电家具集群需要安全断开, 标签, 删除, 安装和测试. 这些任务通常在正常工作时间之后分阶段进行. It is very important to have a consultant/contractor review the feed locations to ensure that they can be either reused or relocated. Sometimes these feeds do not have adequate amounts of slack and power ends up needing to be extended and new data needs to be run from the IT room. 在这个过程中需要回顾的一些事情是:

  • 岩心钻头和井壁位置是否可重复使用?
  • 下面楼层的情况如何,会不会分散其他租户的注意力?
  • 需要电线杆吗?
  • 电缆通道是否有障碍物?
  • 是否需要额外的电缆来支持无法到达的电缆?
  • 是否计划增加辅助设备?
  • 什么是停机时间?
  • 是否有机会升级到10Gig基础设施?

To avoid hidden costs and extended downtimes these elements should be addressed as soon as possible. 电信公司一直并将一直免费提供这些预先评估. 

2. 无触摸访问控制 -出入管制系统在大多数商业办事处及大厦内普遍使用. 他们提供方便和安全的访问您的空间, 它们能有效地防止入侵者进入, and they give you the ability to monitor and control who and when people can access specific areas of your office. Some of the access control technologies that are rapidly becoming popular have two important characteristics: flexibility and cloud storage. 

  • 移动证书 – This feature allows users the option to use their mobile device to open doors while on premise or off site. This quickly became the most useful feature over the last few months when companies were abruptly mandated to work from home. Imagine having the ability to verify the identity and allow access to the UPS/Fedex/USPS delivery person from the comfort of your home? 
  • 生物识别澳门星际电玩下载 – Companies with higher 安全 requirements have implemented retina and fingerprint readers in their properties. New technologies allow companies to utilize the embedded biometric technologies on their mobile device to validate identities via facial recognition or fingerprint scan without touching a reader and transmitting germs. 这些还可以通过RFID卡与双重身份验证相结合,以增加安全性. 
  • 无触摸的“按释放”按钮 通过代码, magnetic lock doors must have a push to exit device to manually release the door in the event of a power outage. 许多这样的设备都需要人亲自推动才能开门. No touch devices allow you to release the lock using proximity technology and this solution is code compliant.
  • 云访问控制 和照相机 – Traditional access control and camera systems are stored on a local server or computer within the office. 这限制了管理人员的数量, 维护和更新系统, 限制可访问性. If you aren’t in the office but need to make a change or open a door you need to remote into the office network and login to do what you have to do. With cloud-based access control and camera solutions you get the highest level of encrypted 安全, automatic software updates and the flexibility of doing what you have to do from wherever you are.
  • 热扫描和发热检测 -在COVID - 19和大流行意识的时代, 建筑和办公室越来越关注通过检测症状来保护居住者. There are new technologies that are incredibly effective at detecting elevated temperatures and if people are wearing masks. These functionalities can be easily integrated into guard stations and existing access control systems. 它们还可以升级为面部识别. 我们是这些系统的认证经销商和集成商,所以请 接触 有任何问题. 

3.    下一级视频会议 – Conference rooms and collaborative workspaces are one area of the office space that are being hit the quickest and hardest. 架构师 and 空间规划 are hard at work creating ways to redesign spaces in order to effectively balance collaboration and protection. 随着越来越多的员工在家工作,你应该考虑以下几种澳门星际电玩下载:

  • 视频会议标准 -在家工作已经打开了视频会议软件平台的潘多拉盒子. 当客户返回办公室时,他们的期望就已经设定好了. 重要的是,公司有一个与远程同事通信的标准. 选择一个平台来支持你的业务可能会让人困惑, 澳门星际电子游戏 为指导. 
  • 视频会议设置 & 安全 -由于采用该澳门星际电玩下载的人数增加, 对若干视频会议平台的安全协议进行了测试, 接受挑战,. How you schedule a meeting and what settings your organization has on your account can make a huge difference. 鼓励客户使用集成商,为视频会议正确设置协议. 这将确保你有一个安全和适当的环境为你的员工.
  • 语音控制 -集成会议室现在可以提供免提,无触摸的体验. 您可以开始、控制和结束会议,而不需要按下一个按钮. 只要你一句话,事情就会发生! 澳门星际电子游戏 要了解更多. 
  • BYOD -带上你自己的设备- IT经理最可怕的噩梦现在正在变成一个梦想的场景. 随着越来越多的人远程工作和视频会议平台变得越来越好, 自带设备正迅速成为新常态. 需要注意的一些问题包括软件版本不匹配, 不兼容的硬件, 访问权限不足, 过时的操作系统, 数据和带宽限制, 等. 请务必咨询您的IT和AV专业人员,以避免这些陷阱.   
  • 紫外线消毒 -由于目前的条件,对消毒的需求增加, 紫外线消毒剂将成为常态. 你可能知道,也可能不知道,紫外线可以杀死细菌和病毒. By integrating a power over ethernet (PoE) based UV lighting system in your office or conference rooms, 你不用担心使用讨厌的化学消毒剂来消毒表面. 会议在会议室结束? 安排系统启动并在下一次启动前消毒. 离开办公室一天? 安排系统对办公室进行通宵消毒. 

当我们重新进入职场时,我们需要适应新的常态. Our goal is to help you adapt and evolve with the littlest amount of stress on you and your team as possible. 我们希望这篇文章对您有所帮助,有所启迪, 如果你还需要任何帮助, 澄清或建议请通过我们的网站澳门星际电子游戏. 您也可以直接致电我们,或发送电子邮件至info@www.lifelivehappy.com.

If you would like more information about the changing office environment related to the post-COVID office and to hear what professionals are advising please watch this panel discussion called "重开办公室需要知道的事". 当心. 是安全的. 保持健康# ConnectedAndProtected.

作为一家拥有30多年经营经验的家族企业, our focus is on providing our clients with consulting and construction services that allow them to breathe easy and focus on their day to day tasks. 电信专业设计, 安装和管理复杂的结构布线, AV, 安全, 声音掩蔽, PoE照明和蜂窝项目,并具有执行的专业知识


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    How you schedule a meeting and what settings your organization has on your account can make a huge difference.

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